Premium Treatments

Plant stem Cell treatment

PhytokellTech revives human stem cells as the age progresses to the functioning of the cells. It improves the skin structure, heals damaged skin cells, provides a beautiful complexion, has a strong antioxidant effect.

24 Carat Gold uploader Anti-Age treatment

Gold is added to the deeper layers of the skin to provide beneficial, primarily anti-wrinkle, antiage, firming effects. The effect of treatment increases the ability of the skin to bind to three hundred times and not least anti-inflammatory.

Anti-Age Botox Effect Firming treatment

This treatment with liftingeffect will strengthen the density and cohesion of the skin, delay the cellular strain to restore the appearance of the young skin outwardly, it is applied to the skin with a firming film with the smoothening agents of the epidermis. The facial contour rises, the skin gets a more vivid and healthy glow.

Oxygene Facial Treatment

It is extracted from the oxygen cell complex yeast, activates tissue respiration and transports the carbon-dioxide degradation product, thereby detoxifies the skin. Stimulates cellular formation, in one word yeast effect!

Pigment stain Fade

Rejuvenating, anti-wrinkle treatment with freckled, liver stained, scars, skin after the red spots to fade. Treatment prevents aging, darking, staining of the skin.


HAWAII Testmasszázs

Hawaii masszázs egyfajta szépségmasszázs is hiszen amellett, hogy ellazítja az elmét és a testet, bársonyossá , puhává teszi a bőrt, feszesít, fiatalít, késlelteti az öregedést. Célja, hogy megteremtse a test belső egyensúlyát.

Lávaköves Masszázs

A lávakövek pozitív töltéssel, magas rezgésszámmal rendelkeznek, melyet felhasználhatunk testi – lelki egészségünk javítására, vagy megőrzésére.

Cellulit Masszázs

Ultrahang segítségével a méregtelenítő gyömbéres algás guaranát, lótuszt tartalmazó hatóanyagokat mélyebb rétegbe juttatjuk. Majd a vérkeringést és anyagcserét fokozó cellulit masszázs következik, ami rendkívül jó fogyasztó és zsírbontó hatással bír.


Hydro Plus (for very dry, water deficient skin):

Protects skin prone to dryness, inflammation, itching. Improves skin resistance, panthenol, Calendula, Allontoin, Bizabol, soothes irritation. Jllipe oil nourishes A, E, C vitamins, and avocado oil with antioxidant effects. Glycerol, Preregen and pentavitin ensure perfect hydration of the skin.

9900 Ft

Tea-Tree facial mask with acne skin and mixed skin type:

Developed specifically for skin and leather, they have all the features that help to heal the mines and prevent them. Tea tree oil is produced by steaming technology from the leaves of Melaleuca Altrenifolia. Uniquely affects bacteria, healing of wounds, regeneration of cells. It strengthens the effect of aloe and almond oil. Enriched with vitamins C and E, it specifically cleans pores deeply, resulting in very fast healing of skin. Different serums and concentrates reinforce the effectiveness of treatment.

9900 Ft

Balance (for mixed skin):

Normalizes and balances the production of tallow with moisture. Cornstarch absorbs excess fat from the skin, providing a matte effect. Horsetail, Panthenol, erysipelas grass, salicylic acid has a effect on freezing, disinfulating, reduced inflammation, strong moisturizing effect.

9900 Ft

Collagen Booster:

This treatment is the first step towards starting wrinkling around. Recommended for children from 28 years of age. Collagen and elastane consist of 30% glycerol, which can be stimulated mainly by the use of glycolic acid because the natural binder of blood vessels is formed when the formation of Aminoic glycerin. It contains a micro-collagen matrix, which consists of a combination of 7 substances that causes the aging process to be delayed.

10800 Ft

Skin improvement – for sensitive, allergic, rosacea skin:

Vitamin F-rich, high in ceramide and Azulene, Bisabol, aloe vera, almond oil, which has a calming effect on the skin, heals minor injuries, removes red spots. Protects against external harmful influences and UVA and UVB radiation and nourishes and hydrates very well.

9900 Ft

Novaclear – A novelty for very problematic, acne-prone skin:

To increase the effectiveness, active ingredients in QuSome capsules/spontaneous liposomes/sealed to reach deeper layers and liberated directly from the start of inflammation can immediately invalidate their effect. Also contains salicylic acid and inflacine extracted from willow bark. Acne is controlled not only from the skin, but also from deeper layers of the production of Seon. Removes dead skin cells that break the cartilage and reduce inflammation and inhibit the proliferation of bacilli in the skin to develop new pimples.

9900 Ft


Mustache: 800 Ft
Eyebrows: 800 Ft
Armpit: 1300 Ft
Fit: 1400 – 2000 Ft-ig
Full Intimate: 3000 Ft
Foot resin for knee: 2800 Ft
Foot resin All the way: 3800 Ft

The treatment is done with golden resin or sugar paste. Specially formulated for sensitive, allergic skin.

Depilar System

New service final Depilar System. It uses the results of most advanced scientific research to provide an effective and affordable method for all genera, hair and hair types. This two-phase emulsion gel, efficiency and safety is due to market leading USA. The same active substance of the body excludes an allergic reaction.

It is effective on all hair, at any age and in the body. Unlike laser and flash/IPL/treatments, it can be used quickly and painlessly. In the case of tanning or when using a solarium, it can be applied in any season, without risk, after waxing. Trypsin and Kirotripsin initiate chemical processes that decompose the cells responsible for hair growth. Approx. the desired result will be reached in one year. At first, 4-5 per week and then as the hair is slowing down, it will be 2-3 every month to get back to treatment.

mustache 4000 Ft
chin 4000-5000 Ft
orcher 6000 Ft
eyebrows 4000 Ft
armpit 10000 Ft
fit 9000-13000 Ft
intimate 15000 Ft
stomach 6000 Ft
forearm 10000 Ft
upper arm 10000 Ft
whole arm 18000 Ft
knee-length feet 13000 Ft
thigh 20000 Ft
bottom 6000 Ft
men’s Back 25000 Ft
chest 16000 Ft


Thermal water 2600 Ft
Hyoluronic acid 2600 Ft
Cavios 3200 Ft
Gold 5300 Ft
Diamond 5300 Ft
Pearl 5300 Ft
Gold 6300 Ft

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