Wedding Makeup

Get ready for the be big day! It is the day of a woman’s life that is most important to shine here as a queen and to delight all relatives, colleagues and the groom.

Bridal Package

A well-designed wedding dress, individuality and style, a well-designed long-lasting makeup, beautiful skin are essential for the big day. We choose the most ideal from 3 trials. We also discuss the technical part of it, after you can choose a special 3D Conturtecnik in the foundation, which highlights the beauty of the face even better and different primers help you make the most durable and natural makeup for you Occasion. If you want to make a makeup for the wedding party or the girls, we also have the opportunity to prepare more ladies at a better price, after which I can recruit a makeup service from my students.

Price: 15 000 HUF instead of 25 000 Ft + petrol cost

Hairdresser and photographer service available by appointment

24 Carat Bridal Package

On this day, for those who don’t want just make a makeup, but also make the skin shine, be pretty, tight and hydrated, I recommend this gold treatment. After many times I have experienced that the most fantastic primer is only the best on well-groomed, quality, hydrated skin! As a gift, if you choose this now with makeup, you can use persistent eyelash painting, eyebrow painting/hypoallergenic German nip with a fee-colored paint/and mustache-eyebrow picking with gold resin which is recommended for sensitive skin.

Price: 26 800 Ft instead of 45 000 Ft with lots of gift services

Presentation of the Gold Treatment:

Fantastic firming, anti-age effect. The gold 300 can bind a close amount of moisture, thereby smoothing out wrinkles very nicely and also have a strong anti-inflammatory effect. It is also filled with collagen, Argan-Oil serum Q10. We fill it with a serum containing hyaluronic acid and gold particles.